The Case

In December, Victor Carlström filed a US$4.2 billion lawsuit against the two most powerful government agencies in Sweden, and the two biggest financial companies. The suit spells out a continued pattern of fraud, racketeering, illegal commissions paid to government officials, and interference in Carlström’s livelihood and businesses.

It’s a story that destroyed his family, ruined his businesses, and forced him to flee to the United States seeking asylum. Since in the US, multiple attempts on his life have resulted, and his wife and children left Victor as they feared for their safety.

It’s a long, complex, and tragic story. It starts with a young, hotshot financial whiz kid out of Sweden but won’t be finished until the financial systems and government of Sweden are exposed and cleansed. The details below relate mostly to Victor’s case, but there are several other details of cases of bribery, kickbacks and other crimes by government officials and financial executives detailed in the lawsuit. Together, they weave a web of destruction and crime. Here are the basic facts of Victor’s story.

Timeline and Events

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Victor Carlström was one of the most successful financial brokers in Sweden. He was famous for his passion, drive and 16-hour workdays. At age 28, he employed more than 200 people to service more than 10,000 clients. Carlström was doing business with virtually all of the leading banks in Europe and the United States.


Carlström, through his company, SBS Resurs Direkt, entered into a contract with Folksam Ömsesidig Livförsäkring (Folksam), Sweden’s largest insurance and financial services company. Folksam’s clients included approximately 50 percent of Sweden’s population. Carlström would be a broker, using Folksam’s financial services and products for the company’s clients.

Jan 2013

Jens Henriksson assumed the Director-General position at Folksam. Henriksson had been executive director of the International Monetary Fund, representing the Baltic Constituency, and was later the Director-General for Nasdaq OMX Stockholm AB (Swedish Stockmarket) where he replaced Erik Thedéen.


SBS Resurs Direkt was the largest source of client investment funds into Folksam on a monthly basis.  In that year, Folksam directed Carlström to decrease his company’s investment of funds into Folksam.


Carlström investigated Folksam and its operations carefully and in early 2015 voiced some concerns.

Sept 2015

Folksam breached its contract with Carlström’s company and refused to pay more than US$12 million in commissions earned under the contract. Within days, Folksam began moving those clients’ funds without their knowledge or consent.

Soon after, events to destroy Carlström, his businesses and his family began, and continue today, starting with malicious government-led investigations by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Tax Agency.

Oct 2015

Erik Thedéen, who had been a CEO and controlled US$15 billion in funds for a Folksam subsidiary KPA Pension, became Director-General of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Erik was a good long time friend to Jens Henriksson who Jens also replaced as the Director-General for Nasdaq OMX Stockholm AB (Swedish Stock market) in 2010.

Folksam vice CEO Magnus Björkman (Former chief at Financial Supervisory Authority, and close friend to Jens Henriksson) makes direct threats to Nord Fondkommission owner Staffan Beckett — that they will have full-scale investigation if they start a partnership with SBS Resurs Direkt.

Nov 2015-Feb 2016

Folksam makes false statements to Resurs Direkt clients about Carlström and the company; Resurs Direkt lost about 70 percent of its clients and approximately US$30 million in commissions under the timeframe Nov 2015 – Feb 2016. Henriksson continues the smear campaign, enlisting a “Team of 15” Folksam employees to illegally keep clients from withdrawing their funds from Folksam.

Nov 2015

In November 2015, notwithstanding the threats from Folksam, SBS Resurs Direkt signed a contract with Nord Fondkommission AB to move SBS Resurs Direkt’s clients funds from Folksam to Nord.

Feb 2016

In February 2016, Folksam Vice CEO Magnus Björkman’s threats became real. Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority raided Nord Fondkommission and went after all SBS Resurs Direkt’s clients.

Aug 2016

After 6 months of investigation from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, no proof of wrongdoing was ever founded in Nord Fondkommission or SBS Resurs Direkt. But still, the chief Anna Cederberg and Magnus Björkman’s former colleague at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority was giving Nord Fondkommission and direct ultimatum. “Cancel the contract with SBS Resurs Direkt, and we drop the whole investigation. If not we will investigate everything one more time.” Nord Fondkommission ultimately, after the threats from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, cancelled the agreement with SBS Resurs Direkt. Victor Carlström lost over US$100 million under management back to Folksam because of this action.

Nov 2016

Carlström partners with prominent New York businessman Stephen Brune to form a business, Sparflex AB that was going to provide mortgage financing to homeowners in Sweden and United States.

Jan 2017

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority opened an investigation with Exceed Capital, which signed an agreement with Sparflex six days earlier. Folksam quickly threatened to cancel its agreement with Exceed Capital. In June, Exceed informed Folksam it was staying with Sparflex; two days later Folksam cancelled its 15-year contract with Exceed.

Fall 2017

Despite the Team of 15’s ongoing efforts to pressure Carlström’s clients, he persuades nearly 500 clients, representing over US$100 million, to move from Folksam to Exceed. Proper documentation was completed; Folksam refused to honor those orders, using high-pressure tactics – including home visits – to convince clients that Exceed’s products were worthless and Carlström would steal the funds to escape abroad. Most clients stayed at Folksam.

Oct 2017

Katrin Westling Palm was appointed Director-General of the Swedish Tax Agency; one of her first orders was a full-scale tax investigation of Carlström and SBS Resurs Direkt was liquidated from defunct. Westling Palm has close ties with Thedéen, Henriksson, and others involved in criminal activity.

Oct 2017

Daniel Barr replaced Katrin Westling Palm as Director-General of the Swedish Pension Agency, having moved there from Folksam, where he had been the head of Economics.

Nov 2017

Monica Rodrigo appointed to be new Director-General for Swedish Economic Crime Authority. Monica Rodrigo is a long time friend to Katrin Westling Palm and board member in the Swedish Pension Agency between 2006-2010 when Katrin Westling Palm was Director-General for the Swedish Pension Agency.

Jul 2018

Just weeks after Victor Carlström and Steven Brune filed a complete mortgage application for Bo Flexibilitet Sverige AB at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

No legal ground for denying the mortgage application

A full-scaled tax investigation was launched against Victor Carlström’s Cyprus company – Vinacossa Enterprises LTD – as a response to Bo Flexibilitet Sverige AB’s mortgage application. Under this very aggressive tax investigation, multiple complaints were brought against the Swedish tax agency to Cyprus authorities for breaking several laws, such as the double treaty between Sweden and Cyprus.

Jul 2018

Boflex’s licenses were completed and submitted to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Just weeks later in early September, the authority denied the application to distribute mortgages without any legit reason at all. Jens Henriksson’s close friend, Charlotte Rydin (Today in Nomination Committee at Swedbank), signed a false reason for denying the application for Financial Supervisory Authority.

Dec 2018

Carlström and Steven Brune filed a second and complete mortgage application for Bo Flexibilitet Sverige AB to Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Almost a week after, the Swedish Tax Agency responds by opening two new tax investigations against Sparflex AB and Vinacossa Enterprises AB. Noteworthy the tax agency secretly already had investigated Vinacossa Enterprises AB since Oct 2017 without any signs wrongdoing.

Jan 25, 2019

The Swedish Tax Agency sent investigators to Sparflex’s offices seeking to confiscate all the company’s financial statements, company documentation, and accounting records. Carlström’s attorney presented evidence of systematic corruption and crimes by the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Folksam, and Swedbank. Investigators reviewed materials for about 30 minutes and abruptly ended the meeting.

Jan 26, 2019

Jan 26, 2019

On the advice of his attorneys and private security company, Carlström fled Sweden with his family. First, the family was hiding in the Netherlands for 2 weeks, before escape out of Europe to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). His lawyers in Sweden recommended Carlström to flee to the United Arab Emirates because the country has no extradition agreement with Sweden. The family was then hiding in UAE for 3 months before the threat level became too high so they needed to escape to the United States where Carlström later applied for asylum. The family arrived in New York in late April 2019.

Mar & Apr 2019

While having escaped from Sweden and hiding in the United Arab Emirates, Carlström learned more about corruption within the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Folksam and Swedbank involving ongoing financial fraud and money laundering on an international scale. It involved individuals and companies in Scotland, the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Russian former stats of the Soviet Union, Turkey, Pakistan as well as Middle Eastern countries.

Apr 2019

Carlström sent Katrin Westling Palm an email explaining in detail the corruption that existed in the Swedish Pension Agency and related private companies, how it had been accomplished, and where the billions of dollars had been stolen from. In the weeks following that email, many Swedish officials, their relatives, close friends in Swedbank, Folksam, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Pension Authority, and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, resigned as members of the boards that Carlström had identified as involved in money laundering and financial fraud.

Apr 15, 2019

On April 15, 2019, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority denied the second application for Carlström and Steven Brune’s company — Bo Flexibilitet Sverige AB. No legitimate reason was given for the denial.

Apr 23, 2019

Four “burner phones” Carlström purchased were ringing at the hiding place in the United Arab Emirates. The callers urged Carlström and his wife to stay on the phone. Later in July, death threats were coming from Pakistan from one of these numbers called that day.

Apr 24, 2019

Carlström and his family arrive in New York. The family, particularly his two children, were suffering from the continued trauma after 3 months of hiding in the United Arab Emirates.

May 2, 2019

Katrin Westling Palm responded to Carlström’s email by announcing a new round of investigations in all his companies and transactions again. This happened after investigating all companies for 2.5 years without any sign of wrongdoing.

May 3, 2019

An intruder attempted 3 times to enter Carlström’s hotel room in New York; NYC police responded and referred the case to the FBI.

May 2019

Carlström’s wife and children left him for security reasons and they took all their baggage and belongings. Carlström’s wife said: “we will get killed if we stay with you.” Victor Carlström engaged in two attempts on his life.

Jun 2019

Carlström checked out from the hospital after 16 days with nothing because his wife took all the luggage. With no place to go, Carlström started his fight for justice.

Jun 7, 2019

Carlström immediately requested bodyguards from his security company in Europe. On June 9th, the bodyguards arrived, and Victor has bodyguards from this day forward.

Jul 2019

Carlström received multiple death threats from the Middle East and Pakistan.

Jul 23, 2019

Carlström checked into the Baccarat Hotel in New York, as they guaranteed a high level of security through his private concierge.

Jul 25, 2019

One of Victor’s bodyguard noticed a guy following him for two days. When that person realizes that he has been disclosed, he leaves immediately. One bodyguard started following that person and noticed him go into a car outside the hotel. In the car, there were three other people. The bodyguard noticed from a distance, two other cars with six people communicated with the first car, she then noticed the license plate on all three cars. After a security meeting with Carlström in his room where the license plates were checked in a system and turned out to be non-existing plates, the security team evacuates Carlström through the fire stairs and the employment entrance.

Aug-Oct 2019

Between August and October 2019, Carlström had five-armed bodyguards cover him in shifts, 24 hours per day. Two of the bodyguards, including Carlström, noticed two suspicious people photograph Carlström inside the hotel. After reviewing the surveillance cameras in the hotel they noticed one of the guys sneaking in a restricted area. The situation escalates and the armed bodyguard called the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to the scene.

Carlström was evacuated from his hotel to the Hilton Hotel at the LAX Airport. The day after, one of the bodyguards noticed two men watching Carlström’s room for 45 minutes, Carlström is again evacuated from Hilton Hotel by rushing through the lobby and on to the shuttle to the LAX Airport.

The two men watching Carlström for 45 minutes, went after through the lobby and jumps on the same shuttle but had no luggage a journalist Michael Douglas Carlin testify in a interview that he thought his and Carlström’s life was in danger so he stalled the two men by start talking to them so Carlström could jump off the shuttle and run to the airport where Los Angeles Police Department met Carlström and escorted him to his airplane where he took off to New York to meet with the prosecutors and FBI at the Southern District of New York.

NOTE: This is an ongoing investigation by the Heavy crime unit in LAPD.

Aug 29, 2019

Henriksson was announced as the new Director-General for Swedbank. He subsequently cleaned house, firing most key employees, replacing them with the same government officials who assisted in crushing Carlström to conceal their criminal behavior.

Oct 8, 2019

Carlström and his attorney met with officials of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, including the FBI.

Dec 17, 2019

Carlström files his US$4.2 billion lawsuit versus Swedbank, Folksam, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Jens Henriksson, Katrin Westling Palm, Erik Thedéen, and several others for their role in international financial crimes of the highest order.